After a long break, we would like to inform you about further actions of Aral-Progress Foundation. All the time we have been intensifying co-operation with vaious entities engaged in water management, both in Europa and Central Asia. As a result, we have been able to determine that the countries of Central Asia have both the resources and structures necessary to implement the actions leading to the revitalization of the Aral Sea water system. Open question remains the adoption of an appropriate strategy and coordination of the actions responsible for optimization of the management of water resources in the region, as well as the restoration of the sea. For this reason the Aral-Progress Foundation has changed its previous priorities – acquiring financial resources and creating structures and replaced them with recommendation and endevadour to allow experts affiliated with the organization to participate in decision-making processes. We hope their qualifications will be recognised by the authorities of the Central Asian countries and they will be able to contribute in the management of water resources in the region more effectively.  

Waterwheel 2014

waterwheel 2014We are pleased to inform that Aral-Progress Foundation is taking part in this year World Water Day Symposium - Waterwheel 2014.
From 17th to 22nd March people from all around the world meet for the third time to move the wheel and start another series of talks about water and problems associated with it. Organized by a web platform World Water Day Symposium gives global society a unique opportunity to share knowledge, experiences and opinions about water, its saving and purifying.
On 20th March at 10 o'clock CET our representative will take the floor and introduce all the Symposium participants with a report titled "The Aral Sea disaster and recovery vision". We warmly invite you to listen to the report and participate in Waterwheel 2014. Don't let this Symposium go without You!

Website improvement

It's our great pleasure to inform that the first stage of work which aim was to improve the quality of the Foundation's awareness-rising measures is finished. Recently we have significantly extended our website improving its content by supplementing information about the Aral Sea. We have also crated tab "For Business", which contains information for current and future investors interested in investment opportunities associated with rebuilding of the Aral Sea. The web has new graphics design and all necessary technical corrections were made. Currently we are working on photo gallery and website dedicated to Associates of our Foundation.

Concept update

We have updated our Concept of Reconstruction of the Aral Sea, which will help to significantly reduce the costs of implementation of the first phase of the Aral Sea reconstruction project. The revised concept consists of four successively carried out phases. During the first phase we want to build Aral Support Canal, which is to connect remains of the Aral Sea with the inflow rivers, in order to reduce water losses, when water flow will start to increase. More about the first and following phases of the Aral Sea restoration project you can learn from “Reconstruction project”. Feel free to read!

Reply from UNEP

We sent a description of the Concept of Reconstruction of the Aral Sea for evaluation to the Executive Office of United Nations Environment Programme. We didn’t have to wait long for the reply. The office assessed our initiative very positively. Despite this, the UN cannot help us. The problem lies in insufficient regulations on international cooperation of Central Asian countries, including standards for the rational management of water resources. The UN will be able to support our actions after the effective implementation of the relevant legal framework for water management in the region.

Cooperation with scientists

The cause we have fought for since the establishment of Aral-Progress Foundation is important for the scientific community too! We have just received information form professor Zygmunt Babiński, prominent hydrologist from Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz. Professor offered us his help as well as assistance of his colleagues’ from the Institute of Geography of the University in all research works carried out in the course of our activity. Our initiative is also supported by Kazakh Agency of Applied Ecology, with which we stay in touch. Thank you for all support and assistance!

Support of local media

We are pleased to inform that actions of Aral-Progress Foundations have been noticed and appreciated by the local media, which began to promote our initiative in mass media! Articles informing about the problem and consequences of the disappearance of the Aral Sea as well as our Foundation’s activity appeared on several web portals and in local newspapers. We hope that presence of Aral-Progress Foundation in the media will pay people’s attention to the problems our environment faces and increase their environmental awareness.


Welcome to the website of Aral-Progress Foundation. The main objective of our Foundation is to restore the Aral Sea to the shoreline from 1953. At the same time, we would like to counteract the negative effects of the disappearance of the Aral Sea and the degradation of the endorheic basin of the former Eastern Bloc. Our activity contributes to promotion of the idea of sustainable development as well as social and economic activation of population resident in the area of Foundation’s operations. You can support us by making direct donation to the Foundation’s bank account and by visiting our profile on Facebook. You can also use your knowledge and skills for the benefit of the cause we fight for – contact us. Thank you!


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